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Accelerating towared a Technological Utopia or an Ecological Oblivion

Changing Course
While there is hopefully still time to make a difference

Listen to Harry Braun each week on Home Improvement USA's FOCUS on the FUTURE Radio Program hosted by Dave Rusch by clicking on the link below. Harry discusses powering the home, appliances, vehicles, power plants and more by shifting from oil and other fossil and nuclear fuels to a Solar Hydrogen Economy where the hydrogen would be made from water with electricity that is generated from the wind and other solar technologies & resources. 

Harry Braun is a technical analyst and author in the interrelated areas of energy,  the economy and the environment, and he is currently running for President of the United States in order to promote an Article V Constitutional Convention to pass a Democracy amendment that would empower the majority of citizens to end secrecy and approve all legislation, executive orders and judicial decisions that impact the majority. With the majority of citizens in charge, it will then be possible to shift from all fossil and nuclear fuels to solar-sourced hydrogen energy, economic and organic food production systems that will result in sustainable prosperity without pollution..

Harry is author of The Phoenix Project, a 360-page book that outlines how to have the the U.S. lead the rest of the world in rising from the ashes of oil, coal and the other rapidly diminishing and highly polluting fossil and nuclear fuels to a Solar Hydrogen Economy with wartime-speed, with technologies that could have been mass-produced in the 1800s.  Details of this "transition of substance" are available on the PhoenixProjectFoundation.US website.  

Harry is a graduate of Arizona State University and for the past 30 years he has served as an Advisory Board Member of the International Association of Hydrogen Energy (, a peer-review scientific society that has over 2,500 Ph.D-level chemists and engineers as members from over 45 countries.  Harry ran for Congress in 1984 against John McCain, and given his frustration with George Bush and John Kerry, he also ran as an independent presidential candidate in 2004.  He is the founder of the Phoenix Project Foundation and the Phoenix Project PAC (P3) which is seeking to organize Congressional Hearings on implementing a Solar Hydrogen Economy and a Constitutional Convention to pass the 10 Amendments that are outlined on the P3Amendments.US website.  Harry is also CEO of Sustainable Partners, a renewable energy company that was the original developer of the $150 million Mesa Wind project in New Mexico, which is pictured above. 

The Peak Oil Problem

The worldwide collapse of critical energy, water and ecological resources is already occurring. 

The Solar Hydrogen Economy is the only Fundamental Solution

Windships                          Water Turbines                             OTEC      

Making hydrogen from seawater with a mix of land and sea-based wind systems, water turbines, and  ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) systems can not only displace fossil and nuclear fuels worldwide, but deploying such solar hydrogen production technologies can also save the threatened global ocean ecosystems in the process by providing a vast sanctuary for the remaining fish and other marine organisms that are being hunted into extinction.

The Solar Hydrogen technologies could have been mass-produced in the 1800s.


Hydrogen-Fueled Engines                         Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tanks

A Cutaway of the BMW liquid hydrogen vehicle
Note: the car still has it's gasoline tank and the engine can burn either fuel interchangeably.

As Harry points out in his book and the papers on exponential growth that are posted on the Phoenix Project Foundation and website, the Exponential Age in which we live means humanity is rapidly accelerating towards a technological "utopia" of molecular biology that eliminate aging and disease, as well as an ecological "oblivion" of mass-extinction because humanity is rapidly destroying the biological life-support systems of the only planet in the Universe that can sustain us and our future descendants, and the outcome may well be determined on how quickly the transition to a Solar Hydrogen Economy is implemented. 

A Hydrogen Homestead

This Hydrogen Home built in Provo, Utah was developed and engineered in 1977 by Roger Billings, a member of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (  All of the appliances in the home were modified to use hydrogen fuel, including a Tappan gas range, water heater, outdoor BBQ and even a Coleman stove, as well as the primary vehicles, which included a new Cadillac shown above, which was also used in the inaugural parade of president Jimmy Carter, as well as a Jacobson farm tractor.  Prior to this effort, Roger Billings also modified the engine and all of the appliances in a Winnebago mobile home, as well as a Monte Carlo Chevrolet, his father's Model T Ford and even a lawnmower.  One of the first wind-powered solar hydrogen homes and vehicles was developed by John Lorenzen, who only had a 6th grade education.  An ABC News report by Peter Jennings of this remarkable effort is at the end of the main Phoenix Project video documentary that is available on the PhoenixProjectFoundation.US website.

The Evolving Exponential Utopia

                The Big Bang                               The Nanobes                                   DNA
          The Birth of Hydrogen              Hydrogen Evolves Into Life           A Nanobial Supercomputer


Biocybernetic Evolution is now Underway

Biocybernetic evolution involves the integration of biology, computers and robotics, and it will ultimately result in a new species that will live indefinitely: Homo Immortalis.

Such developments are now occurring very rapidly, but these advances are very dependent on avoiding abrupt climate changes, so that the Earth's primary food production systems can be maintained.  Only then can the explosive exponential increases in knowledge allow the remarkable developments in molecular biology and nanotechnology to continue.   But as the Time cover storys below indicate, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned.

Due to the global chemical contamination and abrupt climate changes are already taking place, the 6th mass-extinction event in the Earth's 4 billion year old history is well underway, which according the National Academy of Sciences, is in the final states of making the Earth uninhabitable for humans and other animals.  It is why a "transition of substance" to a Solar Hydrogen Economy with-wartime speed is now critical.


The Exponential Explosion of the Human Population


The Exponential Iceberg

The Crossing of the Exponential Curves
is where one will find the Exponential Oblivion Iceberg
As More and More People Compete for Fewer and Fewer Resources.

The key for human civilization surviving the climate change chaos that is now inevitable, is to mass-produce "Lifeboat" indoor organic hydroponic food production systems in every community, like those shown below, with wartime-speed


State-of-the-art systems recycle the wastes from the fish as nutrients for the plants.

Mega-greenhouses of up to 350 acres are already in commercial operation from Arizona and California to Vermont.

Rising from the Ashes

For details on how you can help to avoid the Oblivion scenario and chart a course for a Utopian future of "Regenerative Molecular Medicine" which is already eliminating aging & disease, refer to the following two websites:


As anthropologist Margret Mead once said: 

Never doubt that a small group of concerned people can change the world.  Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

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